Why Pave?

Built specifically for new project real estate agents like you to engage buyers easily, make more sales and accelerate property success.

Pave is a powerful engine designed to revolutionise your project property process.

Become the project agent of choice in just a few clicks

Pave is the best tool to help you get things done - faster and better.

Engage a wide range of buyers. Track enquiries in real-time. Sell more stock and make more revenue.

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Enhanced sales productivity

Pave is perfect for on-the-go real estate professionals with its effortless, web-based sales proposals, simple integrations, automatic backups and collaborative sales content.

Pave eliminates the tedious admin tasks and manual sales processes to help you focus on what you do best: engaging more clients and selling more projects.

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Data-driven insights and rich reporting

From property ratings, interest heatmaps, campaign success metrics, to the status of each sale, we provide you with all the information you need to track progress, manage marketing budgets and better connect with your audience.

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Seamless follow-ups

Paves makes it easy to track engagements, with over 50 data points on the average proposal. We enable you to monitor buyer interactions on the various components of your proposal weblink and automate lead scores.

With our platform, you can streamline your processes to effectively send proposals, answer customer queries, prioritise leads and perform follow-ups.

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Faster conversions, more sales

You’ll see conversion rates around 7x higher than when using traditional methods.

With an immersive, intuitive and fast-loading property proposal weblink, Pave is your project property partner in getting more buyers to sign on the dotted line.

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Beautiful, seamless buyer experiences

Pave enables you to provide the ultimate buyer experience, with tailored property proposals that address their needs quickly and easily.

Pave weblinks allow leads to easily see the range of properties and projects available through your team. Agent credentials and contact details are also readily available, allowing buyers to get in touch – whenever and wherever they want.