How Pave Works

Reach your sales goals - faster and easier.

Pave is a powerful engine designed to revolutionise your project property process.

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Turn prospects into buyers for your projects.

Discover how Pave helps you drive your sales productivity, engagement, conversions & revenue with a property proposal link that helps seal the deal.
Pave makes it possible in just 5 steps.
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1) Get new projects up and running - quickly and conveniently

Simply upload your new project’s photos and property sales content.

Pave them streamlines your sales proposals and collateral to make them more accessible to buyers and investors - anytime and anywhere.

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2) Customise proposals to capture buyers’ attention

At Pave, we have a list of stunning templates all designed to help you better connect with your prospects.

You can tailor them by adding your own colours, fonts and logos to ensure you stay on-brand and stand out as an agent.

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3) Create a unique and
reliable weblink

Select single or multiple leads and match them with a specific development project or individual property.

With Pave, qualifying and tracking leads is a quick and hassle-free experience on your end.

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4) Engage your buyers

Now, all you have to do is send an individual weblink to your leads and potential buyers.
They receive it and click your link to access your customised proposal.

This makes it easy for them to choose you as their agent by providing all the details they need in one place.

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5) Transform engagement
into measurable sales

Buyer behaviour via your weblinks is all tracked, so you can access property insights, engagement overviews and a platform of resources to easily answer their queries and create reports - paving the way for higher conversion rates.

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Ready-to-go proposals for on-the-go professionals like you

Pave provides you with a reliable platform to upload your projects, photos and property sales content. Put your project stock right at your prospects’ fingertips and stand out in the eyes of your buyers.

Pave’s top features for top performing agents

Pave accelerates your ability to qualify leads, educate buyers and close more deals, all while you’re on the go.

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Personalised Proposals

Create and send easily customisable proposals in just seconds, without having to manually enter data each time.

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Enhanced Insights

Track which properties are being viewed the most, where leads are coming from and what kind of buyer engagement you are receiving.

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Expanded Data

Using personalised templates, you can enrich your client coversations and relationships, earning more conversions.

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Collaborative Content

Keep track of inventory, prioritise follow-ups and close more deals faster with insightful reports based around your sales and marketing.

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Integration Support

Use Pave as a standalone product or optimise it through integration with other CRM tools like HubSpot, AgentBox, Domain, and Salesforce.

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Total Data Security

Maintain total control of your property data. Pave ensures your data is never shared with a third-party or used in any way not intended by you.

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Personalised Proposals

Create and send easily customisable proposals in just seconds, without having to manually enter data each time.


Let’s make pave work for you.

Better proposals, faster conversions and more revenue.