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Close more property deals with actionable insights.

Lead engagement and tracking for top performing real estate sales people.

Engage buyers in a way that is delightful and easy to understand and respond to.
Track engagement in real-time as the buyer interacts with various components on the engagement weblinks.
Automated lead scores delivering sales what they need to prioritise follow-ups and close more deals.

Pave is a high-converting weblink to qualify leads and close more deals, faster. And all trackable in real-time.

One engagement tool, all you need.

We agonise over page design to make sure that our weblinks are high-converting and high-performing while being easy to use.

Ready to go
Just upload a project and you are ready to engage.
Pave is...
Fast and scalable
Clean and modern
Easy to use
Easy customization
Upload your logo and the link is now white-labeled. It's that easy.
Fast loading speed
Lightning-fast, ultra-reliable hosting with AWS and distributed content servers located around the world.
Professional design
Our templates are mobile responsive and designed with purposely selected layouts, colours, and fonts. See the results in top line growth.
Integrate with your favourite CRM and email providers. More integrations to come!

Top security
Don't worry about spam and hackers, Pave protects you and your customers with enterprise-grade cyber security so that you can have a good night of sleep. Always.
Get running fast
Just add your content and you are ready to launch. Once you’re happy with the changes, you can share a link with a prospective buyer with the click of a button.
No compromise on privacy
You own and control, including the right to delete, any data you create on the platform. Your data is never shared with any 3rd party or other user of the platform. Internally at Pave, your data is also subject to a principle of least privilege, in other words, even within Pave your data is not readily accessible by our team.

Design that
drives growth

Every feature we build is designed to help you build better relationships with your buyers and grow better, together.

Built to perform and convert

Our attention to the details will translate into higher conversion rates and revenue.

Scalable, easy
to maintain

Pave links are lightning fast, and come with enterprise grade uptime, scalability and security. Automatic backups, painless editing, collaboration, and straightforward integrations will make your engagements with clients an absolute pleasure for both sides!

It will amaze
your buyers

Start now with Pave and get your customers talking.